Manual Focus MF Prime Lens


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Number of Diaphragm Blades: 12 Blades

Scene Type: HUMAN

Launch Date: 2020

Type: Fixed Focus Lens

Focal Length: 35mm

Focus Type: Standard Prime

Origin: Mainland China

Applicable Camera Specifications: APS-C Mirrorless Camera

Full Frame: No

Focus Mode: MF

Lens Type: Manual

Lens Stabilization Type: None

Weight: 101g-150g

Package: Yes

Caliber: 35mm

Minimum Aperture: F16.0

Maximum Aperture: F1.6

Certification: CE

Use: Camera

Lens UV Filter Size: None

Aperture blade: Four groups Four Blades

lens Coating: MC Multilevel

Lens Size: 37mm

Material: Metal

Zoom Mode: Fixed Focus

If you only buy C-Port lens, please make sure you have the corresponding adapter ring.
This is a single camera lens,
If your camera is a SLR or film camera,
Please do not purchase,


1.This len is a 35mm lens incorporates advanced optical elements to ensure all-around sharpness and efficient light conductivity. Its iris can be manually adjusted according to available light levels.

2.Mount type: C mount

3.Focal Length: 35mm

4.Aperture: F1.6-C

5.Angle of view: 18

6.Object distance: 30cm – infinity

7.Aperture blades: Four groups Four Blades


9.lens Coating:MC Multilevel

10.Lens Size:37mm

11.Material :Metal

12.Time to market:5 AUG 2016 

13.Iris & Focus Operation: Manual

14.Lens size: 35mm (dia) x 50mm

15.Minimum Object Distance (M.O.D.): 30cm

16.Focus: focus to infinity

17.Image plane size (Format): 1 / 2 inch

18.Condition: New with high quality

19.Package:  1x 35mm f/1.4 Lens (only lens no adapter) and 1x front cap and 1x rear cap

20.Net weight (Weight): 110.5g

21.Suitable for: A variety of micro-single  need  C mount adapter  ring

Please select the correct package. C Moute has no adapter ring, just a single lens.

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Silver, C Mouth, black, C Mouth 1

Interface Type

E mount, Nikon 1, Fuji XF, Canon EF-M, C Mouth, Macro 4/3


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